Christmas in Costa Rica



Leo’s just turned 6 and it’s Christmas in Costa Rica!

If you’re not sure of the username and password, there’s help on the left under photo instructions.




Goodbye Facebook, hello blog

Had a great night tonight, sitting in a park and chatting with my old friends Shaker and Todd. We talked about anything and everything and one subject that came up was Facebook.

I’m going to shut down my account and delete it. There isn’t a single reason why, just a general sense that it is more harmful then beneficial for me. Plus a long list of things I don’t like about it generally.

I was reluctant to join, I’ve never really been a fan, I’ve never felt safe putting up anything of significance and so I think it’s going to be easier to leave than I think.

I’d rather spend my time socialising in real life, reading interesting links on Twitter, working on this blog and making something useful from the thousands of videos and pictures we’ve taken over the years.

So, hello blog, I’m back!


I am Forty!

And I am grateful.

The thing with blogging is that if you don’t do it in the moment, the moment passes and then it’s gone. I’ve just been sitting outside on a new and fantastic zero gravity camping chair that Jenny bought me for my birthday and I am reflecting on where things are on this auspicious day.

I just feel so lucky. If I could take this part of my life and freeze it for a really long time, I would. I am a lucky guy with the best family and the best friends and the best set-up anyone could ask for.

Thank you to the universe and thank you to everyone in my life!


Our first cinema trip

We’re spending all day out at Stratford city shopping centre. There’s lots to do, including our first ever visit to the cinema where we saw A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Great Escape.

No risk of an Oscar win for that one.

Leo was not feeling very well and so sat there and absorbed it all. Benny wasn’t too sure about the whole experience but thankfully napped through most of it.

A first!


Natural History Museum

As the number of available weekends dwindles, so does our determination to get out there and tick things of the bucket list.

Here we are at the marvellous and amazing Natural History Museum. And it’s FREE! (All museums in the UK are free)







Jenny is now a Dual National

This morning we all went down to Islington Town Hall for a (slightly ramshackle) ceremony that saw Her Majesty gain a new subject from Chilliwack. Long may she reign!

20120709-022217 PM.jpg

20120709-022251 PM.jpg

First ride on the new Boris bus

These cost about 10 times more than a normal bus, but they do look cool. It is nice to be able to hop on the back again.

And they are green. Maybe I will change my mind about Boris’s vanity project.

20120529-095506 AM.jpg

I’m getting my Olympics training

I’m getting my ‘technology team’ training on the 20th floor of a building in Canary Wharf. Learning about radios and protocols and what the word ‘invacuation’ means. Interesting stuff.

M&S for lunch!



Kung hei fat choi!

A weekend with Nana and a trip to Chinatown.

Another year, another website

Here we go again.

I think this is probably the 9th generation of my website.  I keep looking for that perfect balance of speed, layout, good picture and video handling and ease of updating.

Maybe this time it will stick.

I’ve decided to separate the ‘website’ which is essentially this blog, and the ‘pictures and video’ which will be handled by jalbum.

Over on the left, click on Photos to see them all.

I still love WordPress (this kind of blog/site) but it’s nowhere near as powerful as jalbum for quickly and elegantly showing lots of photos.

So, here we go again.  I’m going to start from scratch and put things back in over the next few weeks.   And hopefully, fill in the gaps of missing photos.  Hopefully.


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