Mumford Dancing

It’s almost like looking at a Grade 9 version of myself, flailing around the gym during a school dance.  They sure inherited the groovy moves.


Mumford dance 121117 from Christian Malcolm on Vimeo.

Goodbye old Bastille

You started off as a pub when we first arrived with football projected on a sheet inside.

A nice restaurant, but you soon went under. Then you were empty for a very long time and this summer you were host to some new squatting guests. I didn’t really mind, it seemed a waste to not have people living there.

Yesterday, the squatters packed up and left, and this morning, the drilling and sawing has begun. You are about to become a block of flats.

I hope nice people live in you.


UPDATE – 2 days later  – turns out construction hasn’t started.  They just replaced all the construction hoarding, probably to keep out a fresh batch of squatters.

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