My 10 days are up

That’s it for my volunteering gig at the Olympics. It was fascinating, although pretty quiet.

I’m putting together a blog entry with pictures that I will put up when it is all over.

This was one of my views:

20120810-014308 PM.jpg

I’m really going to miss this beautiful city

London is in spectacular shape right now.

I’m going to miss the fact that it’s not an uncommon sight to see things like this in your day to day life:

20120809-063045 PM.jpg

20120809-063728 PM.jpg

I’m so fast!

It’s me!

20120808-082938 PM.jpg

20120808-084155 PM.jpg

20120808-084210 PM.jpg

20120808-084219 PM.jpg

Let’s go France!

Jenny and I went to Wembley Stadium to watch the semi-final of France versus Japan in women’s football.

It was only my second time at Wembley, and unfortunately the stadium wasn’t exactly full. Still, it was an interesting game with me rooting for France and Jenny rooting for Japan. She says it’s because they were technically more proficient. Hmpf.

Japan won by 2 to 1. I guess she was right.

20120810-015045 PM.jpg

20120810-015101 PM.jpg

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