Ah, parenting

Tonight, but we learned about threadworms. Poor little Leo woke up in a bit of an itchy state. Little chap seemed quite uncomfortable so, it was a late-night trip down to Boots for the remedy.

We all have to take it, and everything gets a hot white wash.




Still, the Olympics are keeping us all enthralled, the boys especially love gymnastics and swimming.


Let’s go Dominican Republic!

Had a great time at Earls Court watching 2 volleyball games. Dominican Republic vs Russia and USA vs Brazil.

We were rooting for Dom Rep and Brazil. Both lost. 🙁

Great atmosphere, travel was easy and the whole thing was a lot of fun.




It’s official, I am an Olympics nerd

Which is odd considering I’m really not into sports.

I am walking through the Olympic Park for the first time, on my way into the stadium to see the technical rehearsal of the opening ceremonies.

This is incredible, it’s gigantic, it’s beautiful.

The venues are beautiful buildings, the Olympic Park is full of flowers in bloom and everything just looks so well done. So far, I’m very impressed with what they’ve put together.

Going into the stadium now.

20120723-073037 PM.jpg

In the stadium. Things haven’t started yet. Great atmosphere and amazing set. There are some barnyard animals walking around…

And what are these LED panels for? I sense a very cool stadium wide effect! Can’t wait!

20120723-080025 PM.jpg

Very clever. They’re promoting the hashtag #savethesurprise on the screens. Wow, twitter really has arrived.

Will respect the spirit of it and not reveal anything significant.

20120723-080803 PM.jpg

It’s started now. Fantastic countdown and opening sequence, this show is all about atmosphere – goosebumps multiple times already.

Lots of ye olde england, but well well done. There are a lot of people in this show!

I won’t post any pictures, but WOW! What an eyeful. So many cool things to look at with a real spectacle feel. Lots of history, lots of great references and one hell of a thumping beat. It’s got to be the Chemical Brothers.

Lots of story, a trip through the ages, a bit of Branagh, lots of thumping and amazing staging. The sheer number of people doing different things boggles the mind. I hope it reads on TV.

Don’t sit next to an Olympic cynic when it’s on, though. It’s theatre so requires a bit of suspension.

Ooh, LEDs are doing great things!

Lovely twist on the national anthem. So cute!

The imagery in this show is so clever!

There’s a section in here which is great for kids and anyone who believes in a national health service. One section in particular is going to blow Leo’s circuits, can’t wait for him to see it.

Wow! That was just a rehearsal, but it looked amazing. There’s a great soundtrack to this show and it’s a visual feast.

The music montage was a highlight, but there were so many other parts of the show that gave me goosebumps.

I’ll stop gushing now.

Get comfy on Friday, settle in with some popcorn and turn up the volume! That’s what I’ll be doing (if Jenny permits).

20120723-103259 PM.jpg

20120723-103508 PM.jpg

Day trip to Lea Valley Farms

Our first sunny day in a while and so we went to visit a kids farm just north of London, with a stop at Ikea on the way home. Leo’s bed is a little small for him and so it’s time for an upgrade.


Lewis / Parry-Gokce BBQ

A lovely day with 3 families and 6 kids.


LAMDA Summer Reunion

Some of the gang from my LAMDA year met up in Green Park.

20120722-021754 AM.jpg

Jenny is now a Dual National

This morning we all went down to Islington Town Hall for a (slightly ramshackle) ceremony that saw Her Majesty gain a new subject from Chilliwack. Long may she reign!

20120709-022217 PM.jpg

20120709-022251 PM.jpg

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