Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Another gorgeous sunny day here in Venice. Lots of walking around, great food, people watching, a few boat rides, bought a hat and a few treats for the boys and generally relaxed!

Love holidays!


We’re in Venice, it’s Jenny’s birthday!

Watching England play Italy in the Euros, I our cosy hotel room just a stone’s throw from St Mark’s Square.

Having a wonderful time so far. It’s warm, it’s sunny, and it’s beautiful here. Click on beautiful Jenny for current pics.



Our boys are now official dual nationals

And here are their Canadian passport pics.

My first post from the underground

It’s a big day, they have turned on the Internet in some of the tube stations and are rolling out across most stations for the summer.




Visits with Friends

We had an Islington walkabout and BBQ with David, Yaneth and their two kids after moving back to London from Hong Kong.

Followed by a Hyde Park/Holland Park play and Wagamama with Solange and David (et Salome) from Marseille.

A busy and fun weekend all round.
20120610-114828 PM.jpg

Trip to Frome

Mummy was busy working over the two bank holidays, so we decided on a last minute trip to see Nana and Grandad and Nicola and her gang.

20120605-111540 PM.jpg

Jubilee time

The weather wasn’t great, but the whole country made the most of it. Starting with 10,000 street parties – with our very own just a few blocks away – and then this amazing pageant on the Thames. A wonderful day to feel proud of your country.

20120603-114816 PM.jpg

Pre Jubilee Explore

Before the Jubilee commotion starts, we thought we’d check things out down at the Palace and around Westminster, culminating in Wagamama and late night for the boys. Full day.

20120603-115121 PM.jpg

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