First ride on the new Boris bus

These cost about 10 times more than a normal bus, but they do look cool. It is nice to be able to hop on the back again.

And they are green. Maybe I will change my mind about Boris’s vanity project.

20120529-095506 AM.jpg

A trip to the Lido

Another hot and sunny day and so we went out seeking cool water and we found it.

Plus some kite flying.


London Transport Museum encore

When it comes to buses and trains, you can never have too much of a good thing.

20120526-115316 PM.jpg

Trip to France

A whirlwind trip to see family and my oldest friend Rebecca – who celebrated her fortieth in Avignon.


A Trip to the Ragged Schoolhouse Museum

Kim has taken the boys to the Ragged Schoolhouse Museum.



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