A lovely day at Kew Gardens

Has spring sprung? Has the grass riz?

It was a gorgeous spring day in London today, and Nana and Grandad drove up from Frome to spend the afternoon with us in Kew Gardens. A bit early for the daffodils, but plenty else to look at and enjoy.

Thanks for the annual pass, Kathy and Peter. We plan to make good use of it!

20120225-070646 PM.jpg

Benny gets a day with his Mummy

Leo is busy at nursery and so Benny and his mum have a lovely day.

20120224-033353 PM.jpg

The world is his oyster

The new light up globe is proving to be a real conversation piece.

Leo can spot London, NYC, Vancouver, and Africa.

“The world is awfully big, isn’t it Daddy?”

Yes, it is.


20120220-111433 PM.jpg

Reading with Mummy

Our boys love story time with their Mum.

20120217-083755 PM.jpg

Still ill

We’re still the household of wheezing, sputtering and Kleenex on the floor but we’re slowly beginning to emerge.

This picture update has a trip to Jenny Leslie’s house as well as Rotten Ronnies.

20120215-053756 PM.jpg

It was getting in his eyes…

Trimming just the front does not a haircut make.

It’s been a few days since I took a pair of scissors to the fringe and then abandoned the project.  We keep laughing whenever we look at our son, probably not good for his self-esteem, but so far he thinks it’s hilarious.

Must find a way to make him look normal again this weekend.  In the meantime, had to preserve this ‘between cuts’ moment.

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