the Geffrye Museum

Too chilly to hang about outside, so we wandered a couple of stops on the Overground to Hoxton and went to see the Geffrye Museum of the Home.

A lot of it was lost in a blur to get to the kids section, but definitely a place worth returning to.

Clissold Park

A bright but chilly day, and a fresh explore of one of our favourite haunts – Clissold Park.  It’s worth the 20 minute walk, especially now that the animals are back, the historic house is restored (hello posh cafe) and the playground is child heaven.

And thanks to Nana for all the help again this weekend.  Where would we be without you, Nana!

Kung hei fat choi!

A weekend with Nana and a trip to Chinatown.

Laser eye surgery – success!

My eyes have been zapped (16:30) today and all went smoothly.

Although there wasn’t any pain, I think strong discomfort would describe the sensation of each eyeball having a slice of the surface cut and flipped over and then out back. Yikes!

Anyway, feels like there’s sand in both eyeballs but I’m told that will pass.

Glad it’s over and seems to have gone well. Already very impressed with my new eyesight.


20120120-093403 PM.jpg

Leo’s first day of nursery!

He’s a big boy now!

Kelowna pics are up

And so the migration of older photos to the new system begins.

Update: fixed – photo section password problem

There may be issues. Will tweak tomorrow.


A great day on the south bank

We’re still getting over our jetlag and needed a fair bit of daytime sun exposure, so we headed on down to the south bank and had a lovely day.

Photos over on the left.

20120116-013158 AM.jpg

Christian bought a new camera

I finally buckled and bought a digital SLR. It wasn’t an expensive one (Canon t2i), but the picture quality is noticeably better.

Just need to save up for some nice lenses now.


Another year, another website

Here we go again.

I think this is probably the 9th generation of my website.  I keep looking for that perfect balance of speed, layout, good picture and video handling and ease of updating.

Maybe this time it will stick.

I’ve decided to separate the ‘website’ which is essentially this blog, and the ‘pictures and video’ which will be handled by jalbum.

Over on the left, click on Photos to see them all.

I still love WordPress (this kind of blog/site) but it’s nowhere near as powerful as jalbum for quickly and elegantly showing lots of photos.

So, here we go again.  I’m going to start from scratch and put things back in over the next few weeks.   And hopefully, fill in the gaps of missing photos.  Hopefully.


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