Christmas in Costa Rica



Leo’s just turned 6 and it’s Christmas in Costa Rica!

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Goodbye Facebook, hello blog

Had a great night tonight, sitting in a park and chatting with my old friends Shaker and Todd. We talked about anything and everything and one subject that came up was Facebook.

I’m going to shut down my account and delete it. There isn’t a single reason why, just a general sense that it is more harmful then beneficial for me. Plus a long list of things I don’t like about it generally.

I was reluctant to join, I’ve never really been a fan, I’ve never felt safe putting up anything of significance and so I think it’s going to be easier to leave than I think.

I’d rather spend my time socialising in real life, reading interesting links on Twitter, working on this blog and making something useful from the thousands of videos and pictures we’ve taken over the years.

So, hello blog, I’m back!


Hello 2014

New Year’s Resolution – get back to blogging.

Starting with this little post.

I’ll explain the pic later. Great start with the resolutions, hey?



I am Forty!

And I am grateful.

The thing with blogging is that if you don’t do it in the moment, the moment passes and then it’s gone. I’ve just been sitting outside on a new and fantastic zero gravity camping chair that Jenny bought me for my birthday and I am reflecting on where things are on this auspicious day.

I just feel so lucky. If I could take this part of my life and freeze it for a really long time, I would. I am a lucky guy with the best family and the best friends and the best set-up anyone could ask for.

Thank you to the universe and thank you to everyone in my life!


So Long London

So long UK, so long Europe.

Although I’m not leaving you, really. You’re as much a part of me as my arms or my heart (or my Bluetooth headset). I could never truly leave.

21 years ago I showed up with a suitcase and a job folding jeans at the Gap. What happened next were many of the happiest moments of my life.

To those I am leaving behind, it’s OK. I’m right here, I’ll always be right here. Call me, text me, What’s app me, Skype me, FaceTime me, email me, tweet me. We can do this, we can stay in touch.

I will be back, often. And I will be thinking about you, all the time.

Xoxo c

Off they go!

With a heavy heavy heart, I’ve just said goodbye to Jenny and the boys at Gatwick.


Our adventure begins in earnest now. They’re off to spend a week with Uncle Jeff and his family in Ottawa before the final migration to BC and I’m going home to pack up our belongings and wind down 20 happy years of being a Londoner.

Chapters end and chapters begin.

This move is really happening

A week Friday, a big container lorry will come and take away all our worldly possessions.

Onto the high seas!


It’s here! It’s arrived! SPRINGTIME!

And not a moment too soon.

Today, the builders came and ripped out or leaky shower. This means that ‘projects’ have officially begun. Here beings 4 months of builders, plumbers, electricians, painters and carpenters on two continents. Woohoo!

Now, there is a warm breeze in the air and I’m feeling that spring time feeling that I had completely forgotten. Sun, breeze, light, warmth. Aaaaah.

At Hampstead Heath for another one of our lasts. Going to fly some kites with the boys and hope they don’t blow away.20130415-115338.jpg20130415-123256.jpg20130415-123332.jpg20130415-123344.jpg20130415-123352.jpg20130415-123403.jpg20130415-123421.jpg


Kew Gardens with Andrew and Marj

Quite possibly our last visit to Kew. Spring hasn’t quite sprung but it’s definitely trying.

We went on a train ride and finally had a good look round the place. 80% of which we’ve never actually seen.

Great to spend the day Uncle Andrew and Auntie Marj.






Retail therapy

It’s cold outside on Easter Monday and so Nana and the boys went to the biggest shopping centre in Europe, along with most of East London.

Leo struck up a real bromance with his new mate Rayad.


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